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Securing 30,000 Students and Beyond

by Erika Hashemi on Apr 3, 2017

On any given day, the Santa Rosa County School District has 30,000 students accessing WiFi across 31 elementary, middle and high schools.  As WiFi is quickly becoming the prevalent network access technology in schools, Santa Rosa knew they needed to have a secure and reliable WiFi network in order to provide a pristine user experience on an ongoing basis.

The School District needed a comprehensive WiFi network monitoring and security solution that would provide complete visibility and control of the wireless airspace, all of which was lacking in the wireless controller solution previously deployed. With a small central IT staff to cover the 31 school locations, the ability to remotely manage and quickly troubleshoot WiFi networks was critical.

Rogue Devices Have Nowhere to Hide

After evaluating the various solutions available in the market, Santa Rosa School District chose Mojo Networks for its best-in-class wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) solution, in order to secure their network with leading edge, patented technology and provide greater network visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. After installing over 500 Mojo C-75 Access Points with integrated WIPS technology and managed from Mojo Cloud, the primary Network Support Technician for the District, Ricky Wallace, immediately saw the benefits.

“With Mojo Networks, we can quickly identify and pinpoint Rogue APs and shut them down immediately. Before we had little visibility into if there was a Rogue device, and if so, it could take hours to locate using a physical search.”
—Ricky Wallace, Network Support Technician, Santa Rosa County School District


Mojo Benefits

  • Gain immediate visibility into the presence of rogue devices and types of WiFi clients on the network

  • Get actionable insights to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues which was not possible with a wireless controller

  • Eliminate physical searches for rogue devices using Mojo’s automated detection, prevention and location tracking

  • Deliver Safe Student and Teacher WiFi for high density, digital learning environments secured by Mojo AirTight, the industry leading WIPS

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