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The WiSE Article Series on CWNP

Posted by Pravin on May 8, 2013


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Is skyjacking a mere DoS threat against Cisco WLAN?

Posted by Pravin on Aug 26, 2009

Skyjacking vulnerability which allows Cisco LAP to be diverted to connect to rogue controller by manipulating OTAP could be more dangerous than what has been clarified by Cisco in its advisory. The advisory says that “An exploit could prevent the device from functioning properly, resulting in a DoS condition. There is no risk of data loss or interception by the rogue access point or Wireless LAN Controller.”

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WiFish Finder: WiFi Honeypot vulnerability assessment made simple

Posted by Pravin on Aug 2, 2009

What % of WiFi laptop users in your organization are vulnerable to WiFishing attacks? The odds are very high that you don’t have an exact answer.

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Solving Wireless (In)security - Best Practices for Wireless Security

Posted by Pravin on Apr 15, 2009

Financial institutions need to provide the same automated, continuous, and auditable levels of security to wireless networks as they do for wired-whether they're managing a wireless network or not.

The risks associated with wireless networks are diverse. And whether you've prohibited wireless access at your company, or have chosen to enable encrypted wireless access, you still have a significant wireless security problem. How so? Just about every portable device shipped in the past few years comes with wireless access enabled-smart phones, PDAs, notebooks, MP3 players, portable storage devices and even printers - while WiFi access points the size of a USB-thumb drive are coming to market in increasing numbers. Also, financial institutions, and all enterprises for that matter, which believe they can avoid the risks associated with wireless networks through encryption or policy alone are mistaken-and they're placing their wired LANs at significant risk as a result.

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Topics: Wireless security


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