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WIPS complements MDM security by blocking personal smart devices

Posted by Mike on May 27, 2011 12:52:52 PM

With the explosive growth of smart devices in the enterprise, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a hot topic among IT departments these days. In order to secure the network and protect sensitive data on mobile endpoints, many organizations are deploying tools to secure, monitor, and manage smart devices accessing their networks. Installing an MDM agent on mobile assets gives the IT department the ability to enforce VPNs, remotely wipe data off stolen/lost devices, and ensure that devices under management by the IT staff are running the most current and secure applications.

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AirTight demos PCI and WiFi cloud solutions at NACStech conference

Posted by Mike on May 12, 2011 9:51:34 AM

AirTight Networks will be demonstrating cloud-based PCI compliance and Wi-Fi access solutions at the NACStech conference in Las Vegas, May 16-18.

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Are Smartphones the New Platform for "Mobile Hacktivism"

Posted by Mike on May 9, 2011 10:35:38 AM

There's been a lot of news in recent weeks surrounding the Sony PlayStation Network breaches. One of the questions that I have received multiple times since this started is whether or not this was a wireless breach or if wireless was in any way part of the Sony vulnerability.

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SMBs, WEP still a target for War Drivers

Posted by Mike on May 9, 2011 9:30:59 AM

After the TJX breach, the PCI security council strengthened their wireless security standard in an attempt to prevent such catastrophic incidents from reoccurring. While some of the largest retailers strengthened their wireless security, small and medium businesses need to take a look at their own security practices because they are just as susceptible, maybe more. In its annual Data Breach Investigations Report earlier this week, Verizon said "criminals are increasingly hitting smaller businesses as it becomes harder to steal financial data from big companies."

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Are smartphones outsmarting your network security?

Posted by Mike on Apr 1, 2011 11:38:02 AM

If you are concerned about the proliferation of smart devices (Iphones, Droids, tablets) and the impact on your network security, then this is a "can't miss" webinar. The inability to detect and block unauthorized personal devices from attaching to your network puts your business at risk. AirTight CTO and Founder Pravin Bhawat discusses the challenges with mobile device management and the limitations of existing wireless network security measures.

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Network World: Gartner slams Cisco's single vendor network vision

Posted by Mike on Jan 31, 2011 11:21:43 AM

I meant to publish something when I first saw this article in Network World. Apparently Gartner debunks the myth that a single vendor network solution is more cost effective and easier to manage. Pretty strong statement by Gartner and there were some pretty strong reactions if you look at the comments on the Network World site.

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The Cloud Provides CFO Friendly Wi-Fi

Posted by Mike on Jan 31, 2011 10:36:00 AM

Controller based WiFi architectures have been the standard for some time, but the advantages of the cloud appear to be a perfect fit for deploying a scalable, and more importantly, manageable WiFi infrastructure. Cloud based solutions are intended to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of delivering an enterprise solution. And WiFi should be no exception.

By now, you have discovered CFO’s like cloud computing. IT solutions that can be purchase as a cloud solution eliminate up front capital expenditures, depreciation, and product obsolescence.

Cloud solutions improve cash management because there is no need to write a big check all up front. Paying only for the capabilities you need, lowers your organizations financial risk. And the recurring (often monthly) operational costs of cloud based solutions provide easy to forecast and budget IT expenditures. Lastly, because deployment time and on-going operational overhead can be recognzed in weeks not months, results are easier to measure.

If you are considering a new WiFi deployment or are ready for a refresh, take a look at this video to see how AirTight's Cloud Services can help.

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AirTight satisfies PCI wireless scanning requirement in under 5 minutes

Posted by Mike on Apr 1, 2010 7:36:23 AM

Wireless PCI Compliance in just 5 Minutes

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Wi-Fi vulnerabilities exposed in Today Show video

Posted by Mike on Oct 29, 2009 3:12:28 PM

Interesting piece on Wi-Fi security on the Today Show this morning. The Today Show aired a piece called “Is your Wi-Fi connection safe?”
The story shows war driving through a residential neighborhood to show that many residential Wi-Fi users still deploy their wi-fi devices without passwords, leaving their connections vulnerable to eavesdropping.

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Using neighborhood wi-fi to get kids into the car

Posted by Mike on Jun 16, 2009 4:16:31 PM

My 12 yr old son was fiddling with his iTouch in the back seat of the car last week when it finally dawned on him that he could see several available wi-fi networks in our neighborhood from the front of the house . "Hey, I can connect to Marci's wi-fi ! Can we sit in the driveway for a couple minutes so I can download some songs?"

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